Furniture Care

All Leisters tables are made from solid Ash, Maple or Cherry wood.  All tables have a catalyzed varnish topcoat.  This varnish makes the tables resistant to marking, scratching, and staining.  However, our tables are still solid wood which means some steps need to be taken to protect your furniture.

  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight
  • Do not place furniture directly in front of heat vents or other heat sources
  • To ensure your solid wood furniture’s longevity: it is recommended that you use a humidifier or air conditioner to maintain temperature and humidity.
  • Blot all spills immediately
  • Avoid using any cleaners that contain ammonia which will damage the furniture’s topcoat.  To clean – wipe tables with a damp cloth only.
  • Protective pads should be used under any accessory placed on a table.  Coasters and placemats are recommended to prevent spills or from hot dishes.  But plastic, rubber and cork can sometimes have a chemical reaction with the finish.

Architectural Woodwork Institute Household Regent Surface Finish Tests

Leisters Catalyzed Varnish 

A conversion Varnish is applied to provide the final protective film. It is non -yellowing and protects the wood from attack in severe environments. The satin gloss appearance (20 sheen) provides a warm, rubbed look to the finish. It also is baked at a temperature of 120º to maximize durability.

Vinegar No Effect
Lemon Juice No Effect
Orange Juice No Effect
Catsup Slight Effect
Coffee No Effect
Olive Oil No Effect
Boiling Water No Effect
Cold Water No Effect
Nail Polish Remover No Effect
Household Ammonia No Effect
VM&P Naptha No Effect
Isopropyl Alcohol No Effect
Wine No Effect
Windex No Effect
409 Cleaner No Effect
Lysol No Effect
Sulfuric Acid (33%) No Effect
Sulfuric Acid (77%) No Effect
Ammonia Hydroxide (28%) No Effect
Gasoline No Effect
Murphy's Oil Soap No Effect
Vodka No Effect
Detergent No Effect
Trisodium Phosphate (10%) No Effect