Leisters Environmental Statement

Leisters has been actively following Environmental measures, long before the term Green became fashionable. Committed to taking measures to ensure that this second generation family owned manufacturing company will see many generations to come. Our Environmental Statement is proudly implemented daily.

  1. Daily Plant Operations: Lean Manufacturing is the directive for the design of an energy efficient work environment. Conserving energy with sky lights for natural light, installation of capacitors for better efficiency and the newest technology for lighting throughout, allows for higher levels of conservation.
  2. Lumber: is purchased from actively participating vendors harvesting from sustainable forests and transporting from within a minimal distance. Waste materials produced from the lumber, sawdust and shavings, are recycled and used locally for animal bedding.
  3. Finishing Materials - following strict guidelines presented by *The Environmental Protection Agency, the finish and color pigments used fall below the allowable parameters set for lead content and VOC emissions meeting the recommended standards. *The Environmental Protection Agency’s National Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standards for Architectural Coatings went into effect in 1999, under the Clean Air Act.
  4. Packaging - recycling of all incoming cardboard and following guidelines to use corrugated materials that are produced from 18% to 20% recycled materials for outgoing packaging, assures less materials that will find its way to a landfill.
  5. Marketing materials used to promote the product are produced by an FSC, and Rainforest Alliance Certified printing company, ensuring the use of environment friendly products.

These simple yet environmentally friendly measures are efforts that Leisters will continue to perform for the well being of others.