Our Hardwoods

Leisters has been skillfully crafting high-quality furniture, using solid hardwoods since 1946. This ensures a lifetime of beauty and durability. The beauty of hardwoods is not skin deep, because of the natural characteristics each piece displays a face that is uniquely its own. Using stains that enrich the grains and protects the outer surface giving it even more longevity. Solid hardwoods can live with nicks and scratches, they are easily repaired and refinished, and their value is lasting.

What is Solid Hardwood?

Solid wood means just that. Each exposed part is made of genuine hardwood. In some areas, strips or boards are bonded with stronger-than-wood glue and other wood joinery techniques.

Remember, looks can be deceiving. What may look to be wood may be something else. Passing for solids might be: Hardwood Veneers and Hardwood Laminates. The term Ash, Maple, or Cherry finish is often used and simply refers to the color of the veneer or photographic reproduction used, it does not mean that the product is authentic hardwood.

Although those other products may look like wood, they don’t compare when it comes to holding nails and screws and withstanding the stresses, loads, shocks and abrasions of daily life. This again makes the production of fine furniture in solid hardwood an advantage.


                Ash                               Cherry                               Maple